Antonov AN-225 Mriya

I do like nature, but I have a weak spot for engineering, especially when it comes to space.

Antonov AN-225 is the largest Aircraft in the world. The first and only AN-225 was completed in Soviet Union in 1988.

 Why is it so special? It was initially developed for the task of transporting the Buran Orbiter (Russian space shuttle). Now it is used for commercial operations of carrying oversized payloads all around the world.

It should have arrived in Keflavik for refueling on Friday, 11.11.2016, but due to engine fire (left wing, center engine) in Leipzig, the arrival was delayed. It finally made to Keflavik on Saturday, 12.11.2016.

It is an impressive aircraft, I am glad to share same year and origin with this aircraft. When it passed over us, on its way to landing runway, the sound that those 6 engines produced was very impressive.

Unfortunately, the aircraft was lading something around 19:03 in Keflavik, Iceland and at that time it was already dark here in Iceland. I wish I could snap a picture of it with sunlight but you can’t have everything. But it was still impressive, to see the aircraft with landing lights on.

After the aircraft has landed, it made its way over to it parking spot for the refueling, we tried our luck and were able to score. We were just 50m away from the aircraft.

Of course, I wish I would have less noisy images from the aircraft, but you need to work around with what you have.

For this picture, I used the 70-200mm F/2.8 lens at 130mm, aperture of F/4, shutter speed of 1/100s and ISO 12500. I got quite a lot of flaring in the image and that’s because of the lights of the aircraft, but I think it actually adds something to the image. It’s a beast in the darkness.

Until next time Mriya, I know you will return back to Keflavik.


Antonov AN-225

Mriya on the way for refueling