The Northern Lights Season

The Northern Lights season is again in full swing. I did not post anything in the last couple months, just updated one or two pictures on this page. The reason was, I was very busy doing my driving license and obtaining a real adventure truck.

Now that this all is done and things are set in place, it’s time for some adventures and some really good pictures.

I am well prepared for this Northern Lights Season. But the Season itself does look very promising. The geomagnetic storm this year, just came around one month later then in 2016.

In 2016 there was an amazing show for 3 days in a row, 26.09 – 27.09 – 28.09

This year, so far really amazing lights were on the Friday 13.10 and Saturday 21.10

One month later compared to 2016 but very strong, creating a breathtaking display.

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The Gate to Space

How does a huge geomagnetic storm (Kp6 – G2) look like?

This week was very good for catching the northern lights here in Iceland, not only of geomagnetic storm (huge activity of the aurora borealis) but also because the weather was really good, with clear skies and very little wind.

Those pictures were taken on 01.03.2017 and I think the northern lights were the strongest this year so far. Let’s hope, that in the remaining time, before the nights will stay bright, we get a chance to see more of them.

We were lucky on Wednesday, clear skies and very good visibility. Also we arrived at Grótta Lighthouse in a very good time, just before the northern lights become very active. They were around Kp4 and then suddenly the night was turned to a day, northern lights illuminating the ground and just dancing all over the place. It happened so suddenly, that I did not have the chance to adjust the camera settings properly and that caused that the pictures are a little bit overexposed but due to that they show really good how a huge geomagnetic storm (Kp6 – G2) looks like.

The shape of the lights just disappeared the same way it appeared, very suddenly. Leaving behind just like a cloud cover but made of northern lights, pulsating and behaving like waves.

More than a couple of my pictures was also published by Iceland Magazine and can be found here: Photos of the magnificent aurora caused by yesterday's geomagnetic storm.

Geomagnetic storm (Kp6 – G2)

Northern Lights dancing at Grótta Lighthouse