One strap to rule them all – Chief Mate Unboxing

Every one of us, who carries his camera nearly on daily basis, knows how important camera straps are. There are many straps out there, but only a few fit our requests of functionality and good looking. I mean, for us the camera strap is like a clothing item. It needs to be functional, provide comfort and if it’s possible, good looking too.

Now, I’ve been following Patrick, ( - Chief Mate Strap) the creator of this camera strap, for quite a long time. I have even met him and his wife here in Reykjavik for a coffee. He is one of the photographers that inspire me a lot and I just hope that in the near future I will be able to visit one of his workshops.

It quite surprised me, when I saw that Patrick got himself a custom made strap. It did make sense to me, if you are not happy with products out there, you just create one that fits your needs very well. We are living in a time where this is possible. The strap did look very well thought through. It surprised me more when Patrick started a production of those camera straps and I decided to put it on my watch list as something that I want to get my hands on.

Chief Mate camera strap with my gear

Chief Mate camera strap with my gear

Well finally the camera strap arrived and first thing I did is to stick my nose into the strap bag and to smell that leather. I really like the smell of leather :)

I chose Chief Mate strap in Black and Red in size of 138cm, being a bit tall (178cm) this should fit perfectly and yes, it does fit and the camera is positioned on the side exactly where I want it to be.

Chief Mate

Chief Mate

Chief Mate in Black / Red - 138cm

Chief Mate in Black / Red - 138cm

The strap comes with a small bag for it, a small manual and 2 sets of 2 rings (16mm) to fit the camera anchor points. Even better as my Konica Autoreflex T3 has already two of those exact rings, which opens the opportunity to use the Chief Mate strap on 3 cameras.

The 16mm rings that come together with the strap

The 16mm rings that come together with the strap

So with no further delay I have installed the camera strap on the Konica first. Easy and fast process once you have the rings on the camera anchor points.

Easy, the Konica had the 16mm rings already attached to it

Easy, the Konica had the 16mm rings already attached to it

Next would be the Canon AE-1, grab the ring and it’s the same process as putting a ring on your set of keys. After that, grab the camera strap, pull the ring through the slot in the strap, turn the strap 90° and attach the snap link to the ring. And …. That’s actually it. The strap is now on the AE-1. Easy installation, easy removal.

Chief Mate on Canon AE-1 from 1981

Chief Mate on Canon AE-1 from 1981

Ok so far you saw the camera strap on 2 different cameras from 1970’s and 1980’s. How does it look like on a modern mirror less camera?

Let’s take the new M6 (Canon M6, not Leica). It has anchor points that are not as big as on the old 35mm film cameras but still enough to attach the rings that come with the camera strap.

And that’s it, the rings are attached and you can use the Chief Mate strap on something modern. If you visit the Instagram page of Chief Mate  you will see that a lot of mirrorless systems can use this strap, Leica, Fuji, Sony, Hasselblad and even Pentax. So as you can see, this strap system is compatible with lots of cameras.

Which brings me to this point. Canon how difficult is it to include just simple rings with your new mirror less camera? Why do you need to invent the wheel from scratch? Your anchor links are just useless in case of if you want to use a different strap rather than the one that comes with the camera. Your links are not compatible at all. Konica made it simpler with coming with rings. The Canon AE-1 from 1981 came also with much better anchor links, compared to the M6. Also not exactly compatible but it gave me enough room to make it work with modern straps.

I had to fiddle around to make it work with my PeakDesign strap. But now I can remove the anchor links and replace them with the rings from the Chief Mate strap. Which are even more stable and securing your gear safely while you wear it on you.

And what I really like about the Chief Mate camera strap, is that is bloody compatible. Simple and good. If I decide to use my Chief Mate strap on one of the older film cameras and still want to take my M6 with me, I can use my PeakDesign strap. I just install quickly the PeakDesign anchor links, strap in and that’s it. Easy and simple.

Double strap, Chief Mate and PeakDesign

Double strap, Chief Mate and PeakDesign

I think this is the most important point for me, that I can use Chief Mate straps on my cameras with the setup I am feeling comfortable with, without spending a lot of time to swap the anchor links. It just fits easily into my day to day shooting behavior and it’s so simple that is just genius.

Especially, me doing long exposure landscape photography, I need a strap system that I am able to remove from the camera while in the field to reduce the surface area that is affected from the wind. And we have a huge amount of wind here in Iceland, so you will need to remove the strap to reduce the camera shake while you are taking long exposure shots.

This is definitely a product designed and used by a Photographer. I really don’t know how much time was spend into developing this camera strap but as I wrote in the beginning it is very well thought through.



-          Smells good

-          Looks good

-          Feels good

-          Very good materials are used for those camera straps

-          Compatible with most mirrorless cameras

-          Compatible with different strap systems, in this case PeakDesign


I will be honest with you, there are no things that I am not happy with Chief Mate so far. I still need to rock the strap for a few weeks to find the weakest link and I will update this review once something negative will come up.

But I want to use this space to advise a few things that actually have nothing to do with Chief Mate camera strap.

One thing is, that when you get your Chief Mate strap, the strap is a bit stiff. This information is even included in the letter that you get together with your strap. After a few weeks the strap will become a lot softer. That also is the case for the slot in the camera strap where you pull the ring through. In a few weeks of usage it will become a lot softer.

Another thing that has nothing to do with the Chief Mate camera strap or Patrick, is the point that it took 4 weeks to be delivered to me here in Iceland. There are only two ways to get something delivered to Iceland, one way is by plane and another way is by ship.

The camera strap comes from Hamburg, so I already was prepared that it is going to be delivered to Iceland via Ship which is actually not bad at all as it is the Chief Mate :)

There are many camera straps out there if you choose not to use the standard one that comes with your camera. Every photographer needs to find his own strap that fits his photography style that fits his equipment and is compatible with other things.

Camera straps came a long way, the same as your camera. Some manufacturers invented the wheel from the beginning, others just continued to use a simple way. In our time, the camera strap is a clothing item that needs to feel good, be functional but also look good on you.

For me, the Chief Mate fits everything that I need and want from a camera strap. It is so simple and so good. You should check their store out and get your own Chief Mate camera strap

From Hamburg with Love!

From Hamburg with Love!

Back to you Patrick. From Reykjavik with love!

Iceland Round Trip 2017

It’s been a while since my last blog post here. The reason for that is the last month was quite busy for me. My fellow photographer friend, Andreas and me, we both went on an 8 day round Iceland trip. And after that I was able to go for two another trips on the South Coast. Together with EVE Fanfest 2017, it was a very full packed month.

But now I want to take a few minutes and capture my experience in words about the trip around Iceland together with Andreas.

Andreas and me, we went on highland trip last year in October and after that we made the decision to go even on a longer trip together and visit the West fjords, North, East and return over the south coast back to Reykjavik. It was a tour with a lot of driving, flying and hiking.

We started our tour with a Helicopter flight from Nordurflug, Reykjavik summit. Esjan was covered in clouds, so we landed on nearby mountains. I still need to hike up Esjan but I am glad that we went to another mountain as Reykjavik city center together with Esjan covered in clouds, is just majestic.

Norðurflug Helicopter Tours - Reykjavik Summit

After that we continued our way to Ísafjörður were we stayed over the night. It was a very good day, with sun and clear view. But it all changed once we made the turn into the fjords. We drove in to a snow storm that was moving the same direction we were driving. But equipped with a good 4x4 car and constant monitoring of the road conditions, it was more impressive for us to drive in the storm rather exposing us to danger situations.

Near Ísafjörður we visited the Arctic Fox Center were we learned a lot about the beautiful artic foxes and it even spiked the idea to travel to Hornstrandir Nature Reserve for our next tour and stay there for couple of days and get really close to the nature. That is a new item on our “TO-DO”-list.


The Arctic Fox Center

After we left Ísafjörður, we had a long drive as we were staying in Akureyri over the night. But yet again we got a beautiful sunny day on our side and when we drove back we were able to stop and get really close to the lazy seals that were lying on the rock formation just before the beach. We were able to get really close and take a few pictures.


Seals near Ísafjördur

On our way to Akureyri, we stopped in Hvammstangi and visited the local wool factory, Kidka Woolfactory Shop. It was a very expensive stop as we were shown the hand knitted Icelandic wool sweaters, called Lopapeysur.

According to the sales specialists at the shop, the Lopapeysa finds you (something like the magic wand in all the popular wizard books). And indeed, I have spotted just a sleeve of one Lopapeysa, I liked the color and the size seemed to fit me. So I tried it on and it fit perfectly, it fit so perfectly that it was a bit longer in the sleeves and at the bottom, exactly how I liked it. Well I guess I have found one or the Lopapeysa has found me.

Andreas didn't have luck on the first time, but he spotted one under all the other sweaters and guess what, the color and the size fit. I guess there is some magic going on with the Icelandic Lopapeysur. Andreas and I wanted one for a very long time and now finally we could get our hands on some original hand knitted by Handknitting association of Iceland.

Within Nature - Gljúfrafoss

We arrived quite late in Akureyri. We did a small stop at the groceries store to get something to eat but when we parked near the store we have already spotted the northern lights above us. We ran through the store like maniacs, trying to find something fast in preparing for our dinner. We got us some frozen pizzas and we rushed out of the store and continued driving to get to our apartment, in which we stayed for the next 2 nights. It took us 3 times to find the proper turn, I blame the northern lights and the wish to get to the apartment fast, not blaming Andreas for his navigation skills :) .

When we arrived, we got an amazing welcome by the northern lights in Akureyri. It was so amazing, that I totally forgot that I needed a bathroom for the last 1 ½ hours of our travel. Before we were even able to unload the car, we just took our cameras and tripods, put some warm jackets and started taking pictures of the amazing northern lights show just right across of Akureyri. This was really amazing.

Northern Lights in Akureyri

The next day started a little bit late as we did not have much to visit on this day. We drove down to Goðafoss and decided to make our way to one of the F-roads, F26 to be precise. We wanted to visit the Aldeyjarfoss waterfall. We knew that it was located on the F26 road and that the F-roads are closed in winter. But it was just 3.7km from the road 842. We knew we will have to leave our car behind and walk to it. And to be honest, 3.7km is actually not that much, you walk the same distance to the famous DC plane wreck….. on flat terrain….. with no snow and it takes you about 55 minutes to an hour to get there.

That’s where my navigation skills played a trick on me. I knew that we will have to hike to get to the waterfall, the F-roads are closed. Well guess what, I did not check the elevation. The road went in total over 3 hills, going up and a bit down and up again, and down and finally up to a parking spot, from where you need to go down to the waterfall. Well we all did hike a few mountains, what is special about this one. Well, it did snow quite a lot the night before. We had to hike in snow, so deep that it covers completely your boots and at some places, with the snow drifts, it is so deep that you hike through knee deep snow. If you ask Andreas and me now about how was the hike, we will tell you that it was wonderful, a very good experience, it was sunny, not so much wind and you were in the middle of nowhere, the farm located at the begging of the F26 and our parked car was slowly disappearing with each single step we took.

If you would ask us in the middle of our journey, you would hear quite a lot of swearing in both German, English, Russian and Polish. I think Andreas was quite pissed at me in that moment that I did not check the stupid elevation on the map. I was also pissed for making such a stupid mistake. But we continued and oh boy, I love snow. I really do love snow, for me there can’t be enough snow. The 51cm of new snow that came down in February in Reykjavik, made me quite happy. I wish it would be even more, but only if I don’t have to go somewhere. After this small hike to the Aldeyjarfoss, I don’t really want to walk on snow again, especially up a mountain where you take a step and you slide half a step back.

It took us about 2 ½ hours to get to the waterfall and about 1h and 18m to get back to the car. We were good prepared with our clothes and hiking boots, we had something to eat and drink with us. So it was a really good hike in the end. Ah just one more thing, on the last bit of the straight road that takes us back to our parked car, we saw 2 super jeeps coming our way. The drivers winked at us and nod their heads. They were taking two tourists groups over to the Aldeyjarfoss.

Aldeyjarfoss in winter

We drove back to Akureyri and had a well-deserved meal. On the next day we planned to drive up to Mývatn and visit the Mývatn Nature Baths to get that difficult hike out of our bones.

In the next couple of days we made our way over to Höfn to try and capture Vestrahorn in sunset or in sunrise. We did not have any luck with the weather so we did not stay long at the location, just took a few pictures and continued over to Jökulsárlón where we had an Ice Cave tour waiting for us.

We were actually very lucky with the weather, just a day before our arrival at Jökulsárlón, the wind reached there 40m/s, which is enough force to pick up small stones and catapult them into the cars, breaking windshields on multiple vehicles. Just take a moment and read / view the pictures over here Stríðsástand við Jökulsárlón.

The wind has calmed down to something around 20-25m/s. So nothing was in the way to visit the Ice Cave. However this was one of the last trips to the Ice Caves as the season was ending. But yet again, another item of my “TO-DO”-list.

Ice Cave with Goecco Reykjavik

We continued our journey back to Reykjavik over the South coast and made a small shower stop at the Gljúfrafoss to get soaked wet.

When we arrived back in Reykjavik, the tour was not done yet. We still had some northern lights to hunt and together with my friend and pilot Snorri we went on a sightseeing flight over the south coast, into Thórsmörk, Landmannalaugar and return over the golden circle tour. It was really amazing. Thank you Snorri! You are the best!

On the very last evening we went over to Þingvellir to capture some northern lights with a reflection in the water and I think we have nailed it.

Black mirror - Þingvellir National Park


In total it was an amazing trip around Iceland. We had everything, wild animals, northern lights, sun, waterfalls, sunsets, stars, snow, snow storms, hiking and relaxation in hot baths. Even if the weather was not on our side with a clear sky for northern lights, we always improvised, used what we had at hands and had a very good time.

The tour was quite expensive and we drove about 3 100km, visiting all the well-known (but not only) photo locations. Andreas and I had this good synergy going that even after a few days of spending a lot of time together, we still had topics to speak about, jokes to make and complain about the one or other driver on the road. That leaves room for longer tours :) . Hey Andreas, what should we do next? Should we go into the highlands and turn of our phones, leave our watches at home and just spend days in the midnight sun? Or should we prepare for the next volcano eruption?

Grjótagjá cave

Iceland in March is beautiful in its own way. But I need to advise you if you are planning to undertake similar round trip. Iceland in March does not have stable weather. It can be sunny in the south but as soon as you drive up into the west, the weather can change and can change really fast. You will need a 4x4 car, experience in driving on snow / ice and in bad weather and you will need proper winter / hiking clothes with proper boots. You will need to monitor the weather and the road conditions every hour and you will need to have an alternative plan ready if the weather will pin you down at one location.

Be careful, plan in advance what you will be doing and always remember, take care of Icelandic nature, leave nothing behind and take only photographs.

South Coast in January

The weather in Iceland can be very difficult to predict. Sometimes the weather forecast shows one thing and you actually get a completely different thing. But with the time, the Icelandic Meteoservice has drastically improved. If you check the forecast, you can prepare yourself for that kind of predicted weather, it is sometimes slightly of the time frame, but you can get the idea of the weather for the next couple of hours.

I have checked the weather on Friday and saw that Saturday will be a very sunny and beautiful day. I packed my sunglasses (did not need them for a while now) and my gear and off I went on a January South Coast tour. And it was beautiful. Not exactly a good weather for taking landscape pictures as the sky was nearly completely clear. The best weather for Iceland and taking pictures is still the "Partially Cloudy". But the winter sun offers a special kind of light that you can see in the pictures.


Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

Behind the Scenes

Local Farm at Þorvaldseyri